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Tractor Rides
Family Values
When you come to Mistic Berry Farm, you will be given a ride to the field on a wagon powered by a tractor. Once arriving in the field, you will be given buckets to pick in and sent to a field manager to place you in a row and instruct you if you haven't been here before. When you have finished you will be given a ride back up to the selling area. Your berries will be transferred into appealing, stackable boxes provided by us to ensure your berries are not crushed during the ride home
We have three grown daughters and 5 grand kids, who all come home to help during the strawberry season. It is our goal, with the help of our family and good friends, to provide you with an excellent quality product, whether from the field, the restaurant, or our stores. Thank you for visiting us and please come back again!
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

We want to ensure that our customers have the best picking we can offer, as well as minimize your inconvenience. 

Please check "Pickin Status" before coming out for information as to what we are offering for the day.  

We accept Cash or Checks only; no Debit or Credit cards.